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Textile solutions for the medical sector

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The medical world demands exceedingly high standards as regards the quality of the textiles used. Especially when it comes to covering wounds, dressings made of specially warp-knitted textiles from Acker cut the risk of maceration of the skin and protect the wound while allowing the skin to breathe. The warp-knitted material made of polyamide threads makes plaster strips particularly elastic and adapts flexibly to the various stages of the healing process.

High-tech materials and processing and finishing techniques facilitate a multitude of potential uses in the coverage and treatment of wounds and other medical applications. Based on the customer's requirements, we choose the right materials and processes for the job. In this way, we can guarantee that we will supply the optimum solution for each application. We can supply our technical textiles either on the roll or as made-up articles, in line with customer wishes.

Transparency and efficiency are our basis

The demands made on suppliers to the medical industry are very high. Quality and environmental management systems must always be up-to-the-minute. Consequently, certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 is self-evident for us. In addition, we are currently optimising all of our processes in accordance with the specifications of ISO/TS 16949.


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