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Experience combined with inventiveness

Tailor-made solutions

Fully customised solutions are our key strength. More than 60 years' experience in the finishing of technical textiles makes us an absolute specialist in this field. In addition to choosing the right materials, choosing the finishing process generated specifically for the application in question completes the end product to perfection. Our production technicians offer a multitude of different finishing techniques for providing fabrics with functional properties, such as dyeing, printing, bleaching, washing and dressing. Special finishes make fabrics low-shrink, flame-retardant, water-/oil-repellent, saltwater-resistant, dirt-repellent, UV-protected, UV-resistant, antibacterial, reflective, etc. And there's no challenge we shy away from. For example, we can configure translucence that gives up to 100% intransparency.

Customised solutions

We want our clients to source everything from just a single supplier – us! This is why we naturally feel a responsibility to make up their products, too. Cutting, hole-punching, slitting, perforating, stitching, eyeletting, mounting of metal and plastic fasteners – there are no limits to what we can do. 


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