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2015 Expansion of product portfolio and manufacturing penetration.

2014 Acquisition of the company by A. Kielholz, Dr D. Komossa and Vibro-Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

2000s Introduction of computerised production, ISO 14001 certification.

1990s Restructuring of product range with focus on technical textiles (incl. automotive), ISO 9001 certifycation.

1980s Coating substrates added to product portfolio, company passed on to Claus Acker.

1970s Expansion of production shops and start of technical textiles production.

1960s Construction of factory and administrative buildings on Ellenseestraße, investment in stinter frames.

1950s Start of curtain production.

1949 Company founded by Jakob Acker and his sons Hermann and Josef.

Acker history
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